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by Andrea May

Andrea May is an experienced San Diego color consultant who can simplify the process of selecting both interior and exterior paint colors, as well as materials and finishes.

By most estimates, there are well over 5,000 paint colors on the market.  Add to that the fact that they're usually presented in 1-inch samples that aren't even remotely adequate for judging how they'll actually look and feel in a space.  So, it's no wonder selecting paint colors is such an overwhelming process for most people.

Andrea May is a certified color consultant and interior designer who will craft an inspiring bespoke palette for you.  The Curated Color approach to palette design a collaborative process which involves Andrea's curated collection of large paint samples to lead you to a customized palette that reflects your personality and your design goals and enhances your unique space.  

To inquire about an interior or exterior color consultation, please email us at or call 858.336.9026.



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Andrea May is a certified color consultant and award-winning interior designer in San Diego, working collaboratively with clients and other trade professionals to create inspiring and effective palettes for interiors and exteriors.

While many people find it overwhelming to choose between the thousands of paint colors on the market, Andrea May combines her talent and training to help you discover the perfect colors and materials and finishes for your space.

Purposeful and effective use of color not only creates an inspired environment, but it can emphasize or minimize certain architectural details and enhance the look, feel and perception of a space.  What's more, color is a natural mood enhancer known to have an effect on healing, concentration, appetite and productivity. 

On the practical side, hiring a certified color consultant makes great financial sense when you consider how much value simply painting can add to your real estate investment.

Whether you're building, renovating or just updating your home, Andrea May can help you create a palette which suits your unique personality and fits your design goals.  Concierge-level bespoke palette design services start at $625.

To inquire about an interior or exterior color consultation, please email us at or call 858.336.9026.



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